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Profiles we are looking for:
  You are imaginative, able to adapt to change and excel in a research group-you have a general or specialized background (engineering, bachelor¡¯s, master's, doctorate or post-doctorate) in one of the following areas: Materials Chemistry¡¢Physical Chemistry¡¢Catalytic Chemistry¡¢Inorganic Chemistry.




Join us Full-time Postgraduate students

I. Qualifications
    1. The candidate should have a Bachelor degree or beyond; undergraduate students with research experience are preferred.
    2. Education background in materials chemistry¡¢physical chemistry¡¢catalytic chemistry¡¢inorganic chemistry.
    3. Have great cooperative spirit and sense of team-work, have the ability of independently thinking and solving problem.
    own excellent language ability and independent elaborative faculty, easy to communicate with others and build good relations, high quality of spirit, with good ability of bearing certain work pressure, easy to adapt to the new work environment and tactful when meeting an emergency.
    Independent and be capable of working well under a dynamic environment . Have proficiency communication skills, teamwork spirit.
    Excellent academic potential, cooperative competency, good communication ability, and independent are required.

II. Submission Details
Candidates should submit the following documents:
   1. A curriculum vitae with date of birth, education experience, work experience, positions and professional services, starting time of holding current position, awards received, a list of publications, a summary of research experience and public evaluation.
   2. Letters of Reference from two professor-level experts in your field.
   3. Study plan.
   4. A copy of degree certificate or student status letter.

Join us Research positions

I. Qualifications
   1. The candidate should have a doctoral degree; young researchers with post-doctoral experience are preferred.
   2. Education background in materials chemistry£¬physical chemistry£¬catalytic chemistry£¬ inorganic chemistry.
   3. Ability¡­..

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