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2001 and Before

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Citation Frequency: 262

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Citation Frequency: 15

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Citation Frequency: 28

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Citation Frequency: 104

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Citation Frequency: 89

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Electronic structure and optical limiting behavior of carbon nanotubes

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Citation Frequency: 297

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High H-2 untake by alkali-doped carbon nanotubes under amibent pessure and moderate temperatures

Science, 285(5424):91-93, 1999

Citation Frequency: 904

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Preparation, characterization and catalytic hydroformylation ptoperties of carbon nanotubes-supported Rh-phosphine catalyst

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Citation Frequency: 120

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Systhesis of Cu nanoparticles and microsized fibers by using carbon nanotubes as a template

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Citation Frequency: 82

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Development of coking-resistant Ni-based catalyst for partial oxidation and CO2-reforming of methane to syngas

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Citation Frequency: 52

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Citation Frequency: 41

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Citation Frequency: 292

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