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1. Qianru Wang, Jianping Guo* and Ping Chen*

Complex transition metal hydrides for heterogeneous catalysis

Chem Catalysis, 100524, 2023View Full Text

2. Qing Guo, Chao Qin, Jianping Guo* and Ping Chen

Selective hydrogenation of acetylene to ethylene by alkali-metal palladium complex hydrides

Chemical Communications, 59: 2259-2262, 2023View Full Text

3. Ren Zou, Jialing Li, Jirong Cui, Weijin Zhang, Gangtie Lei, Hujun Cao* and Ping Chen

Catalyst-free synthesis of lithium hydride at room temperature

Chemical Communications 59: 2660, 2023View Full Text

4. Li-Jun Wu, Qianru Wang, Jianping Guo, Junnian Wei*, Ping Chen* and Zhenfeng Xi*

From Dinitrogen to N-Containing Organic Compounds: Using Li2CN2 as a Synthon

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, e202219298, 2023View Full Text

5. Weijin Zhang#, Jirong Cui#, Shangshang Wang, Hujun Cao*, Anan Wu, Yuanhua Xia, Qike Jiang, Jianping Guo, Teng He & Ping Chen*

Deforming lanthanum trihydride for superionic conduction

Nature, 616: 72-76, 2023View Full Text

6. Sheng Feng, Wenbo Gao*, Jianping Guo, Hujun Cao*, and Ping Chen

Electrodriven Chemical Looping Ammonia Synthesis Mediated by Lithium Imide

ACS Energy Letters, 8(3): 1567-1574, 2023View Full Text

7. Ji Feng, Lin Liu*, Xilun Zhang, Jiemin Wang, Xiaohua Ju, Ruili Li, Jianping Guo, Teng He, Ping Chen

Ru nanoparticles on Y2O3 with enhanced metal-support interaction for efficient ammonia synthesis

Catalysis Science & Technology, 13: 844-853, 2023View Full Text

8. Jintao Wang, Qijun Pei, Yang Yu, Jirong Cui, Shangshang Wang, Khai Chen Tan, Jiaquan Guo, Teng He* and Ping Chen

Investigation on the Formation of Rare-Earth Metal Phenoxides via Metathesis

Inorganics, 11(3): 115, 2023View Full Text

9. Khai Chen Tan#, Qijun Pe#, Jiafeng Yu, Hong Wen, Yang Yu, Jintao Wang, Nor Izzati Nordin, Teng He*, Yong Shen Chua* and Ping Chen

Realizing room temperature catalytic hydrogenation of sodium phenoxide by Ru/TiO2 for hydrogen storage

Chemical Communications, 59: 4177-4180, 2023View Full Text

10. Wenbo Gao#, Runze Wang, Sheng Feng, Yawei Wang, Zhaolong Sun, Jianping Guo & Ping Chen

Thermodynamic and kinetic considerations of nitrogen carriers for chemical looping ammonia synthesis

Discover Chemical Engineering, 3: 1, 2023View Full Text

11. Qianru Wang#, Hong Wen#, Yeqin Guan, Shengyuan Zhang, Wenbo Gao, Jianping Guo*, and Ping Chen*

Ruthenium Complex Hydride Catalyst as a Platform for Ammonia Synthesis: The Effect of Alkali or Alkaline Earth Elements

ACS Catalysis, 13: 9882-9890, 2023View Full Text

12. Xilun Zhang, Lin Liu*, Jiemin Wang, Xiaohua Ju, Rui Si, Ji Feng, Jianping Guo, Ping Chen

The role of lanthanum hydride species in La2O3 supported Ru cluster catalyst for ammonia synthesis

Journal of Catalysis 417: 382-395, 2023View Full Textv

13. Xiaohua Ju, Ji Feng, Jiemin Wang, Jianping Guo, Lin Liu*

One-step synthesis of cesium decorated Ru nanoparticles on MgO as efficient catalyst for ammonia synthesis

Catalysis Letters, 153: 1615-1624, 2023View Full Text

14. Khai Chen Tan, Yong Shen Chua#, Teng He#, Ping Chen

Strategies of thermodynamic alternation on organic hydrogen carriers for hydrogen storage application: A review

Green Energy and Resources, 1: 100020, 2023View Full Text

15. Han Wu#, Liang Yang#, Jiaqi Wen, Yongfeng Xu, Yongli Cai, Wenbo Gao, Qianru Wang, Yeqin Guan, Sheng Feng, Hujun Cao, Teng He, Lin Liu, Shaoqian Zhang, Jianping Guo*, Ping Chen

Plasma-Driven Nitrogen Fixation on Sodium Hydride

Advanced energy materials, 13: 2300722, 2023View Full Text

16. Runze Wang, Wenbo Gao*, Sheng Feng, Yeqin Guan, Qianru Wang, Jianping Guo*, Ping Chen

Zn Promotes Chemical Looping Ammonia Synthesis Mediated by LiH−Li2NH Couple

ChemSusChem, e202300813, 2023View Full Text

17. Tong Zhang#, Xiaohua Ju#, Lvye Liu, Lin Liu*, Teng He, Yunhua Xu, Hanying Wang and Ping Chen

Steering ammonia decomposition over Ru nanoparticles on ZrO2 by enhancing metal–support interaction

Catalysis Science & Technology, 13: 5205-5213, 2023View Full Text

18. Qijun Pei, Jiafeng Yu, Guanghao Qiu, Khai Chen Tan, Junfeng Wen, Yang Yu, Jintao Wang, Jiaquan Guo, Jianping Guo, Li Rao*, Teng He*, Ping Chen

Fabrication of Ultrafine Metastable Ru-B Alloy for Catalytic Hydrogenation of NEC at Room Temperature

Applied Catalysis B-Environmental 336: 122947, 2023View Full Text

19. Wenbo Gao*, Qianru Wang, Yeqin Guan, Hanxue Yan, Jianping Guo* and Ping Chen

Barium hydride activates Ni for ammonia synthesis catalysis

Faraday Discussions 243, 27-37, 2023View Full Text

20. Hanxue Yan, Wenbo Gao*, Qianru Wang*, Jianping Guo and Ping Chen

The formation of a lithium–iridium complex hydride toward ammonia synthesis

Faraday Discussions 243, 55-64, 2023View Full Text

21. Yang Yu#, Jintao Wang#, Zhaoxian Qin, Yingtong Lv, Qijun Pei, Khai Chen Tan, Tengfei Zhang*, Anan Wu, Teng He*, Hui Wu*, Andrew S. Lipton, Ping Chen

Sodium Carbazolide and Derivatives as Solid-State Electrolytes for Sodium-Ion Batteries

Angewandte Chemie International Edition 62(26), e202302679, 2023View Full Text

22. Jialing Li#, Ren Zou#, Yajun Cui, Gangtie Lei*, Zhi Li, Hujun Cao*

In situ formed MgTi2O4 from MgO improving the cycling stability of MgH2

Chemical Engineering Journal 470: 144259, 2023View Full Text

23. Ren Zou#, Jialing Li#, Weijin Zhang, Gangtie Lei, Zhi Li and Hujun Cao*

Enhancing the cycling stability of MgH2 using nitrogen modified titanate

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 11: 11748-11754, 2023View Full Text

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