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1.Zhitao Xiong, Guotao Wu, Jianjiang Hu, Ping Chen*,

Ternary Imides for Hydrogen Storage

Advanced Materials, 16:1522-1524, 2004View Full Text

Citation Frequency: 296

2. Ping Chen*, Jizhong Luo, Zhitao Xiong, Jianyi Lin, Kuang Lee Tan ,

Interaction between lithium amide and lithium hydride

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 107:10967-10970, 2003

Citation Frequency: 302

3. Zhitao Xiong, Ping Chen*, Jizhong Luo, Jianyi Lin, Kuang Lee Tan ,

Investigations into the interaction between hydrogen and calcium nitride

J Mater Chem, 13(7): 1676-1680, 2003

Citation Frequency: 20

4. Ping Chen*, Zhitao Xiong, Jizhong Luo, Jianyi Lin and Kuang Lee Tan ,

Interaction of hydrogen with metal nitrides and imides

Nature, 420 (6913):302-304,2002View Full Text

Citation Frequency: 1082

5. ZY Zhong, Zhitao Xiong, LF Sun, Jizhong Luo, Ping Chen, et al.,

Nanosized nickel(or cobalt)/graphite composites for hydrogen storage

J Phys Chem B, 106 (37): 9507-9513 , 2002

Citation Frequency: 52

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