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1. Jianping Guo, Ping Chen

Catalyst: NH3as an Energy Carrier

Chem, 3: 709-712, 2017 View Full Text

2. Zhao Li, Teng He*, Daiju Matsumura, Shu Miao, Anan Wu*, Lin Liu, Guotao Wu, Ping Chen

Atomically Dispersed Pt on the Surface of Ni Particles: Synthesis and Catalytic Function in Hydrogen Generation from Aqueous Ammonia–Borane

ACS Catalysis, 7: 6762-6769, 2017 View Full Text

3. Wenbo Gao, Peikun Wang, Jianping Guo*, Fei Chang, Teng He, Qianru Wang, Guotao Wu, Ping Chen*

Barium Hydride-Mediated Nitrogen Transfer and Hydrogenation for Ammonia Synthesis: A Case Study of Cobalt

ACS Catalysis, 7(5): 3654-3661, 2017 View Full Text

4. Peikun Wang, Fei Chang, Wenbo Gao, Jianping Guo*, Guotao Wu, Teng He, Ping Chen*

Breaking scaling relations to achieve low-temperature ammonia synthesis through LiH-mediated nitrogen transfer and hydrogenation

Nature chemistry, 9(1): 64-70, 2017 View Full Text

5. Zhao Li, Teng He*, Lin Liu, Weidong Chen, Miao Zhang, Guotao Wu, Ping Chen

Covalent triazine framework supported non-noble metal nanoparticles with superior activity for catalytic hydrolysis of ammonia borane: from mechanistic study to catalyst design

Chemical Science, 8(1): 781-788, 2017 View Full Text

6. Weijin Zhang, Han Wang, Hujun Cao, Teng He, Jianping Guo, Guotao Wu*, Ping Chen

Effects of doping FeCl3on hydrogen storage properties of Li-N-H system

Progress in Natural Science: Materials International, 27: 139–143, 2017 View Full Text

7.Han Wang, Hujun Cao, Claudio Pistidda, Sebastiano Garroni, Guotao Wu,* Thomas Klassen, Martin Dorheim, Ping Chen*

Effects of Stoichiometry on the H2-Storage Properties of Mg(NH2)2-LiH-LiBH4Tri-Component Systems

Chemistry-an Asian Journal, 12(14): 1758-1764, 2017 View Full Text

8. Lin Liu*, Quan Shi, Nan Yin, Miao Zhang, Xin Liu, Hui Zheng, Guotao Wu, Ping Chen*

Enhanced room-temperature ferromagnetic properties in ultrathin two-dimensional metal-free poly(triazine imide) nanosheets

Carbon, 124: 486-491, 2017 View Full Text

9. Fei Chang, Jianping Guo*, Guotao Wu, Peikun Wang, Pei Yu, Ping Chen*

Influence of alkali metal amides on the catalytic activity of manganese nitride for ammonia decomposition

Catalysis Today, 286: 141-146, 2017 View Full Text

10. Xiaohua Ju, Lin Liu*, Pei Yu, Jianping Guo, Xilun Zhang, Teng He, Guotao Wu, Ping Chen*

Mesoporous Ru/MgO prepared by a deposition-precipitation method as highly active catalyst for producing COx-free hydrogen from ammonia decomposition

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 211: 167-175, 2017 View Full Text

11. Miao Zhang, Lin Liu*, Teng He, Zhao Li, Guotao Wu, Ping Chen*

Microporous crystalline γ-Al2O3replicated from microporous covalent triazine framework and its application as support for catalytic hydrolysis of ammonia borane

Chemistry-an Asian Journal, 12(4): 470-475, 2017 View Full Text

12. Han Wang, Guotao Wu*, Hujun Cao, Claudio Pistidda, Anna-Lisa Chaudhary, Sebastiano Garroni, Martin Dornheim, and Ping Chen*

Near Ambient Condition Hydrogen Storage in a Synergized Tricomponent Hydride System

Advanced Energy Materials, 7(13), 2017 View Full Text

13. Miao Zhang, Qijun Pei, Weidong Chen, Lin Liu*, Teng He*, Ping Chen

Room temperature synthesis of reduced TiO2 and its application as a support for catalytic hydrogenation

Rsc Advances, 7(8): 4306-4311, 2017 View Full Text

14. Hujun Cao,* Han Wang, Claudio Pistidda, Chiara Milanese, Weijin Zhang, Anna-Lisa Chaudhary, Antonio Santoru, Sebastiano Garroni, Jozef Bednarcik, Hanns-Peter Liermann, Ping Chen, Thomas Klassena and Martin Dornheima

The effect of Sr(OH)2on the hydrogen storage properties of the Mg(NH2)2-2LiH system

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19(12): 8457-8464, 2017 View Full Text

15. Peikun Wang, Hua Xie, Jianping Guo, Zhi Zhao, Xiangtao Kong, Wenbo Gao, Fei Chang, Teng He, Guotao Wu, Mingshu Chen, Ling Jiang*, Ping Chen*

The Formation of Surface Li-Fe Ternary Hydride and its Function on Catalytic Ammonia Synthesis at Low Temperatures

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 56(30): 8716-8720, 2017 View Full Text

16. Hujun Cao*, Jianping Guo, Fei Chang, Claudio Pistidda, Wei Zhou, Xilun Zhang, Antonio Santoru, Hui Wu*, Norbert Schell, Rainer Niewa, Ping Chen, Thomas Klassen, Martin Dornheim

Transition and Alkali Metal Complex Ternary Amides for Ammonia Synthesis and Decomposition

Chemistry-a European Journal, 23(41): 9766-9771, 2017 View Full Text


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