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1. Xilun Zhang, Lin Liu*, Anan Wu*, Junfa Zhu, Rui Si, Jianping Guo, Ruting Chen, Qike Jiang, Xiaohua Ju, Ji Feng, Zhitao Xiong, Teng He, and Ping Chen*

Synergizing Surface Hydride Species and Ru Clusters on Sm2O3 for Efficient Ammonia Synthesis

ACS Catalysis, 12: 2178-2190, 2022View Full Text

2. Qianru Wang, Yeqin Guan, Jianping Guo, Ping Chen*

Hydrides mediate nitrogen fixation

Cell Reports Physical Science, 100779, 2022View Full Text

3. Jiang Wang, Gangtie Lei, Teng He, Hujun Cao*, Ping Chen*

Defect-rich potassium amide: A new solid-state potassium ion electrolyte

Journal of Energy Chemistry, 69: 555-560, 2022View Full Text

4. Chuangwei Liu#, Qianru Wang#, Jianping Guo, Tejs Vegge*, Ping Chen*, and Heine Anton Hansen*

Formation of a Complex Active Center by Ba2RuH6 for Nondissociative Dinitrogen Activation and Ammonia Formation

ACS Catalysis, 12: 4194-4202, 2022View Full Text

5. Hanxue Yan, Wenbo Gao*, Jirong Cui, Weijin Zhang, Qijun Pei, Qianru Wang, Yeqin Guan, Sheng Feng, Han Wu, Hujun Cao, Jianping Guo*, Ping Chen

Dinitrogen fixation mediated by lanthanum hydride

Journal of Energy Chemistry, 72: 1-7, 2022View Full Text

6. Feng Ji, Liu Lin, Ju Xiaohua, Wang Miaomiao, Zhang Xilun, Wang Jiemin, Chen Ping

Sub-nanometer Ru Clusters on Ceria Nanorods as Efficient Catalyst for Ammonia Synthesis under Mild Conditions

ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 10: 10181-10191, 2022View Full Text

7. Jiemin Wang, Lin Liu*, Ji Feng, Xilun Zhang, Xiaohua Ju, Ping Chen*

Regulating interaction of Ru nanoparticles and Eu2O3 support achieves enhanced activity for ammonia synthesis

Catalysis Science & Technology, 2022View Full Text

8. Jaysree Pan, Qianru Wang, Jianping Guo, Heine Anton Hansen, Ping Chen*, Tejs Vegge

Balanced nitrogen and hydrogen chemisorption by [RuH6] catalytic center favors low-temperature NH3 synthesis

Cell Reports Physical Science, 3: 100970, 2022View Full Text

9. Yeqin Guan#, Chuangwei Liu#, Qianru Wang, Wenbo Gao, Heine Anton Hansen*, Jianping Guo*, Tejs Vegge*, Ping Chen

Transition-Metal-Free Barium Hydride Mediates Dinitrogen Fixation and Ammonia Synthesis

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, e202205805, 2022View Full Text

10. Xianghui Shi#, Qianru Wang#, Chao Qin#, Li-Jun Wu, Yuanjin Chen, Gao-Xiang Wang, Yongli Cai, Wenbo Gao, Teng He, Junnian Wei*, Jianping Guo*, Ping Chen*, Zhenfeng Xi*

Synthesis of Pyrimidines from Dinitrogen and Carbon

National Science Review, 2022

11. Yongli Cai, Wei Liu, Yang Yu, Ligao Liu, Qijun Pei, Han Wu, Teng He, Jianping Guo*, Anan Wu*, and Ping Chen*

Transition Metal-Free Hydrogenolysis of Anilines to Arenes Mediated by Lithium Hydride

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2022View Full Text

12. Yang Yu, Weijin Zhang, Hujun Cao, Teng He*, Ping Chen*

Ion migration in hydride materials

Trends in Chemistry, 2022View Full Text

13. Jintao Wang#, Yang Yu#, Anan Wu, Khai Chen Tan, Hui Wu*, Teng He*, and Ping Chen

Fabrication of Lithium Indolide and Derivates for Ion Conduction

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 14: 41095-41102, 2022View Full Text

14. Ren Zou, Joshua Adedeji Bolarin, Gangtie Lei*, Wenbo Gao, Zhi Li, Hujun Cao*, Ping Chen

Microwave-assisted reduction of Ti species in MgH2-TiO2 composite and its effect on hydrogen storage

Chemical Engineering Journal 450: 138072, 2022View Full Text

15. Joshua Adedeji Bolarin, Ren Zou, Zhi Li, Zhao Zhang, Hujun Cao*

MXenes for magnesium-based hydrides: A review

Applied Materials Today, 2022View Full Text

16. Jiemin Wang, Lin Liu*, Xilun Zhang, Jiafeng Yu, Xiaohua Ju, Ji Feng, Jianping Guo, Teng He and Ping Chen

Sub-nanometer Ru clusters on Sm2O3 obtained from a room temperature ion adsorption method for ammonia synthesis

Catalysis Science & Technology, 12: 7501-7509, 2022View Full Text

17. Ren Zou, Weijin Zhang, Min Dai, Gangtie Lei, Qike Jiang, Hujun Cao* and Ping Chen

One-Step Synthesis of Light Metal Nanoparticle from Metastable Complex

Small 19: 2206518, 2022View Full Text

18. Zhao Li, Chengliang Mao, Qijun Pei, Paul N. Duchesne, Teng He, Meikun Xia, Jintao Wang, Lu Wang, Rui Song, Abdinoor A. Jelle, Débora Motta Meira, Qingjie Ge, Kulbir Kaur Ghuman*, Le He, Xiaohong Zhang* & Geoffrey A. Ozin*

Engineered disorder in CO2 photocatalysis

Nature Communications, 13: 7205, 2022View Full Text

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