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1.Ping Chen*

Across the Board: Ping Chen

ChemSusChem, 11(15): 2469-2471, 2018 View Full Text

2.Fei Chang, Yeqin Guan, Xinghua Chang, Jianping Guo,* Peikun Wang, Wenbo Gao, Guotao Wu, Jie Zheng, Xingguo Li and Ping Chen*

Alkali and Alkaline Earth Hydrides-Driven N-2 Activation and Transformation over Mn Nitride Catalyst

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2018 View Full Text

3.Han Wang, Hujun Cao, Weijin Zhang, Jian Chen, Hui Wu, Claudio Pistidda, Xiaohua Ju, Wei Zhou, Guotao Wu*, Martin Etter, Thomas Klassen, Martin Dornheim, Ping Chen*

Li2NH-LiBH4: a Complex Hydride with Near Ambient Hydrogen Adsorption and Fast Lithium Ion Conduction

Chemistry-a European Journal, 24(6): 1342-1347, 2018 View Full Text

4.Weijin Zhang, Zhao Zhang*, Xianchao Jia, Jianping Guo, Junhu Wang, Ping Chen*

Metathesis of Mg2FeH6and LiNH2leading to hydrogen production at low temperatures

Physical chemistry chemical physics, 20(15): 9833-9837, 2018 View Full Text

5.Miao Zhang, Lin Liu*, Xiaohua Ju, Teng He, Ping Chen*

Molten salt assisted synthesis of microporous polyaniline nanosheets with superior gas sorption properties

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 267: 100-106, 2018 View Full Text

6. Wenbo Gao, Jianping Guo,* Peikun Wang, Qianru Wang, Fei Chang, Qijun Pei, Weijin Zhang, Lin Liu, and Ping Chen*

Production of ammonia via a chemical looping process based on metal imides as nitrogen carriers

Nature Energy, 3(12): 1067-1075, 2018 View Full Text


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