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1. Lin Liu, Miao Zhang, Zhitao Xiong, Daqiang Hu, Guotao Wu, Ping Chen*

Ammonia borane assisted solid exfoliation of graphite fluoride for facile synthesis of fluorinated graphene nanosheets

Carbon, 81: 702-709, 2015 View Full Text

2.Teng He*, Lin Liu, Guotao Wu, Ping Chen

Covalent triazine framework-supported palladium nanoparticles for catalytic hydrogenation of N-heterocycles

J. Mater. Chem. A, 3: 16235, 2015 View Full Text

Citation Frequency: 6

3. Fei Chang, Jianping Guo, Guotao Wu, Lin Liu, Miao Zhang, Teng He, Peikun Wang, Pei Yu, Ping Chen*,

Covalent triazine-based framework as an efficient catalyst support for ammonia decomposition

RSC Advances, 5: 3605-3610, 2015 View Full Text

Citation Frequency: 6

4.Jianping Guo, Zheng Chen, Anan Wu*, Fei Chang, Peikun Wang, Daqiang Hu, Guotao Wu, Zhitao Xiong, Pei Yu, Ping Chen*,

Electronic promoter or reacting species? The role of LiNH2on Ru in catalyzing NH3decomposition

Chemical Communications, 51(82): 15161-15164, 2015 View Full Text

5. Weidong Chen, Zhenguo Huang*, Guotao Wu, Teng He, Zhao Li, Juner Chen, Zaiping Guo, Huakun Liu, Ping Chen*

Guanidinium octahydrotriborate: an ionic liquid with high hydrogen storage capacity

J. Mater. Chem. A, 3: 11411-11416, 2015 View Full Text

6.Jianping Guo, Fei Chang,Peikun Wang, Daqiang Hu, Pei Yu,Guotao Wu, Zhitao Xiong, Ping Chen*,

Highly Active MnN–Li2NH Composite Catalyst for Producing COx-Free Hydrogen

ACS Catal., 5: 2708-2713, 2015 View Full Text

Citation Frequency: 6

7.Teng He, Qijun Pei, Ping Chen*

Liquid organic hydrogen carriers

Journal of Energy Chemistry, 24(5): 587-594, 2015 View Full Text

8.Teng He, Hui Wu, Guotao Wu*, Zhao Li, Wei Zhou, Xiaohua Ju, Dong Xie, Ping Chen*

Lithium amidoborane hydrazinates: synthesis, structure and hydrogen storage properties

J. Mater. Chem. A, 3: 10100-10106, 2015 View Full Text

9.Jianping Guo, Peikun Wang, Guotao Wu, Anan Wu, Daqiang Hu, Zhitao Xiong, Junhu Wang, Pei Yu, Fei Chang, Zheng Chen,Ping Chen*,

Lithium Imide Synergy with 3d Transition-Metal Nitrides Leading to Unprecedented Catalytic Activities for Ammonia Decomposition

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 54: 2950-2954, 2015 View Full Text

Citation Frequency: 11

10.Weidong Chen , Zhenguo Huang* , Guotao Wu, Ping Chen*,

New synthetic procedure for NaNH2(BH3)2and evaluation of its hydrogen storage properties,

Science China Chemistry, 58(1): 169-173, 2015 View Full Text

11. Lin Liu, Guotao Wu*, Weidong Chen, Zhitao Xiong, Teng He, Ping Chen*,

Synthesis and hydrogen storage properties of lithium borohydride urea complex

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 40(1): 429-434, 2015 View Full Text

12. Juner Chen, Yong Shen Chua, Hui Wu, Zhitao Xiong, Teng He, Wei Zhou, Xiaohua Ju, Minghui Yang, Guotao Wu*, Ping Chen*,

Synthesis, structures and dehydrogenation of magnesium borohydrideeethylenediamine composites

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 40(1): 412-419, 2015 View Full Text

13. Hujun Cao*, Theresia M. M. Richter, ClaudioPistidda, Anna-Lisa Chaudhary, Antonio Santoru, G?khanGizer, Rainer Niewa, Ping Chen, Thomas Klassen, MartinDornheim

Ternary Amides Containing Transition Metals for Hydrogen Storage: A Case Study with Alkali Metal Amidozincates

Chemsuschem, 8(22): 3777-3782, 2015 View Full Text

14.Xueli Zheng*, Yongshen Chua, Zhitao Xiong, Weidong Chen, Zhijie Jiang, Guotao Wu*, Ping Chen

The effect of NH3content on hydrogen release from LiBH4-NH3system

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 40(13): 4573-4578, 2015 View Full Text

15. Han Wang, Hujun Cao, Guotao Wu*, Teng He, Ping Chen

The improved Hydrogen Storage Performances of the Multi-Component Composite: 2Mg(NH2)2-3LiH-LiBH4

Energies, 8(7): 6898-6909, 2015 View Full Text

16.Zhao Li, Teng He*, Guotao Wu, Xiaohua Ju, Ping Chen*

The synthesis, structure and dehydrogenation of calcium borohydride hydrazinates

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 40(15): 5333-5339, 2015 View Full Text


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