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1. Yang Yu, Teng He,* Anan Wu*, Qijun Pei, Abhijeet Karkamkar, Tom Autrey and Ping Chen*

Reversible Hydrogen Uptake/Release over a Sodium Phenoxide-Cyclohexanolate Pair

Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 58(10): 3102-3107, 2019View Full Text

2. Joshua W. Makepeace, Teng He, Claudia Weidenthaler,Torben R. Jensen, Fei Chang, Tejs Vegge, Ping Chen, et. al.

Reversible ammonia-based and liquid organic hydrogen carriers for high-density hydrogen storage: Recent progress

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 44: 7746-7767, 2019 View Full Text

3. Yang Yu, Qijun Pei, Teng He∗ and Ping Chen

Kinetic studies of reversible hydrogen storage over sodium phenoxide-cyclohexanolate pair in aqueous solution

Journal of Energy Chemistry 39: 244–248, 2019 View Full Text

4. Teng He, Hujun Cao and Ping Chen*

Complex Hydrides for Energy Storage, Conversion,and Utilization

Advanced Materials, 31: 1902757, 2019, View Full Text

5. Qianru Wang, Yeqin Guan, Wenbo Gao, Jianping Guo and Ping Chen*

Thermodynamic Properties of Ammonia Production from Hydrogenation of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metal Amides

ChemPhysChem, 20(10): 1376-1381, 2019View Full Text

6. Xiaohua Ju, Lin Liu*, Xilun Zhang, Ji Feng, Teng He and Ping Chen*

Highly Efficient Ru/MgO Catalyst with Surface-Enriched Basic Sites for Production of Hydrogen from Ammonia Decomposition

ChemCatChem, 11: 4161-4170, 2019View Full Text

7. Wenbo Gao, Jianping Guo* and Ping Chen*

Hydrides, amides and imides mediated ammonia synthesis and decomposition

Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 37(5): 442-451, 2019View Full Text

8. Qianru Wang, Jianping Guo* and Ping Chen*

Recent progress towards mild-condition ammonia synthesis

Journal of Energy Chemistry, 36: 25-36, 2019View Full Text

9. Jianping Guo*, Ping Chen*


科学通报, 64(11): 1114-1128, 2019View Full Text

10. Jianping Guo, Junmin Yan, Lizhi Zhang and Ping Chen*


催化学报,综述: S57–S63, 2019

11. Gökhan Gizer, Hujun Cao, Julián Puszkiel*, Claudio Pistidda, Antonio Santoru, Weijin Zhang, Teng He, Ping Chen, Thomas Klassen and Martin Dornheim*

Enhancement Effect of Bimetallic Amide K2Mn(NH2)4 and In-Situ Formed KH and Mn4N on the Dehydrogenation/Hydrogenation Properties of Li-Mg-N-H System

Energies, 12(14): 2779, 2019View Full Text

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